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Brand Origin & Ethos

BLUSHBERRY is more than just a brand; it’s a heartfelt tribute to a resilient single
mother who cherished dreams of fashion while prioritizing family. It symbolizes
empowerment, love, and resilience, offering a colorful escape from the usual
monotony of fashion sites. The ethos is to encourage everyone to be
unapologetically themselves, embracing empowerment over mere attraction.

Amidst life's challenges, BLUSHBERRY believes that everyone deserves a moment of joy.
Fashion, as an extension of joy, should bring smiles. Hence, with every witty
product description and snarky styling tip, BLUSHBERRY aims to sprinkle humor
into fashion.

Our pieces are designed to shout empowerment. We veer away from the usual "Be sexy, flaunt it" mantra and instead encourage everyone to
be authentic. With each crafted piece, we assure you that we're supporting your
journey to self-expression. we also also donate 1% to MADRE to help promot womens rights

Shopping & Customer Experience

For U.S. stored items, expect delivery
in 2-7 days. International items might take 5-10 days. If urgency arises,
contact us, and we'll expedite the process, ensuring your fashion needs are met
pour Shoes collection might take 10-15 days. For more detail see our
Shipping policy

BLUSHBERRY understands the need for change. If an item doesn’t meet
your expectations, we have a seamless return policy, ensuring you can shop with
confidence. Familiarize yourself with our conditions and reach out for a
hassle-free return. see more here

BLUSHBERRY ensures that finding your fit is about confidence. With our
integrated size chart simulator and comprehensive size guide, you're equipped
to find pieces that make you shine both inside and out.

For each BLUSHBERRY product, we offer tailored eco-friendly care recommendations within the product description. Alternatively, you can consult our comprehensive care guide. Ensuring the longevity of your BLUSHBERRY treasures is straightforward. Just refer to the care instructions on each item. Most of our eco-conscious fabrics favor a mild wash cycle and organic cleaning agents. For those delicate items, consider hand washing or placing them in a garment bag, and air drying them for the best results.

With BLUSHBERRY, fresh style is a promise. We
consistently release new pieces, with daily and weekly drops, ensuring your
wardrobe is always updated. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead in the
fashion game.

Absolutely! BLUSHBERRY gift cards are perfect for any occasion. Select
the desired amount on our website, and let your loved ones dive into a world of
ethical fashion.

Craving the tactile experience of fabric between your
fingers before you make a purchase? We totally get that. Right now, Blushberry
is primarily an online haven for fashion. This allows us to maintain a lower
carbon footprint and keep things eco-friendly. However, the in-person
experience isn't lost on us! We periodically host pop-up shops and partner with
selected boutiques where you can come and feel, try on, and fall in love with
our sustainable. Stay tuned to our social media channels to get the scoop on
when and where you can shop Blushberry up-close and personal.

Ordering is a breeze. Browse, add items to your cart, apply any promo
codes, and complete your purchase with secure payment options. Get ready to
make bold fashion statements with BLUSHBERRY!

Got your hands on a Blushberry gift code or found an amazing discount that's too good to pass up? Lucky you! Redeeming your special code is a breeze. Simply head to the checkout page after you've added all your must-have items to your cart. You'll find an option to enter your code, just pop it in, and watch the magic happen as your total price drops.

Our website uses top-notch encryption technology, ensuring that all your personal and payment details remain confidential. Plus, we adhere to rigorous industry standards for payment processing, which means you can click that ""Checkout"" button with total peace of mind

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Absolutely! BLUSHBERRY celebrates every body type. Our curated collections
ensure fashionistas of all sizes find their perfect piece, making fashion a
joyous journey for everyone.

Got a question or feedback? We’re here to
help. Reach out via our Contact Us page or direct your queries to our dedicated
email here.
Your BLUSHBERRY experience is our priority you can aslo chat live with us from our chat support.

Collaborations & Community

Are you passionate about sustainable and ethical women's
fashion? Do you love inspiring others to make more conscious fashion choices?
If the answer is a resounding "yes," we'd love for you to be a part
of the Blushberry fam! As a Blushberry Brand Ambassador, you'll enjoy exclusive
perks like early access to our collections, unique discount codes to share with
your followers, and to be featured on our social media. To get started, Just follow the link here. you'd be a fabulous
fit for promoting our sustainable women's fashion.

Absolutely! BLUSHBERRY is always open to
joining forces for meaningful events or causes. Drop us a message detailing
your initiative, and our team will evaluate how best we can support.

If you're as obsessed with Blushberry as we are, we'd absolutely love to see how you're rocking our pieces! To showcase your unique Blushberry style and inspire our community, simply tag us in your posts on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, or Pinterest: @Blush_berryfashion and Use the hashtags #BlushberryStyle to ensure you catch our eye. Each month, we feature our favorite style mavens on our social channels and website. Plus, each month we reward the best style with a free product of their choosing. So go ahead, flaunt your ethical fashion choices and become a trendsetter!

Stay in the loop by subscribing to our
newsletter and following our social media handles. We regularly announce our
collaborations and unique offerings there.

To keep a pulse on BLUSHBERRY's world,
subscribe to our newsletter, and follow our social media handles. We promise to
keep you informed, inspired, and always in style.

We adore spotlighting our fabulous customers! If you've got a unique style story to tell or some amazing fashion tips to share, we'd love to feature you on our blog. Just shoot us a pitch at contact@blush-berry.com and let's make magic together.

As of now, BLUSHBERRY operates primarily
through its website. However, we are in the process of developing a mobile app
to enhance your shopping experience further. Stay tuned!

Your privacy is of utmost importance to BLUSHBERRY. We adhere to strict
data protection regulations and ensure that your personal and transactional
data remains secure. For detailed information, refer to our Privacy Policy on
our website.

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